While individual student results vary, Beth McKeon has helped hundreds of students achieve improved processing for reading, comprehension, and math.  Below are profiles of past students that have faced difficulties with a description of the positive results of their instruction under Beth’s guidance.  A portion of their pre- and post-test gains have also been included. For privacy reasons, the name of each student has been changed.

Scores are reported in the following ways:

  • Age Equivalent (AE): score represents the typical age of those taking the test that scored at the same level
  • Grade Level Equivalent (GL): score represents the typical grade level of those obtaining the same score


Student: Hilary

Hilary was a very quiet and reserved 11-year-old girl who demonstrated little emotion (low affect) in her interactions with others.  She rarely volunteered information and struggled to follow conversations.  When speaking to Hilary, questions or instructions often had to be repeated and simplified.  Her responses were often short phrases or were seemingly unrelated to the question.

Hilary received 120 hours of Visualizing and Verbalizing®  instruction and made impressive gains.  Her ability to comprehend and verbalize improved as did her critical thinking skills.  Her parents noticed a significant change in her casual interactions with people.  She seemed to be more alert and aware of her surroundings.  She was able to understand and follow more complex directions and began communicating her ideas and interests more frequently.


Student: Fred

Fred was an 8-year-old boy who had struggled enormously with reading.  Though his parents and teachers had succeeded in giving him a strong base in phonemic awareness, Fred had very weak orthographic processing skills.  He had difficulty learning and retaining sight words and often guessed, even if the word could be sounded out.  He was frustrated and reluctant to try a reading intervention.

Fred received 144 hours of Seeing Stars® instruction, which improved his orthographic processing.  As he developed the ability to image and retain sight words and difficult orthographic patterns, he began to trust his ability to read accurately.  His spelling showed an improvement as well.


Student: Mitch

Mitch was a 9-year-old boy who had previously responded well to Seeing Stars® instruction for improved reading skills.  However, despite his improved ability to process the letter symbols in words, he continued to struggle with math.  He was poised to start the 3rd grade and simple addition and subtraction calculations were not automatic or stable for him.  He often resorted to hiding his hands under the table so that he could count on his fingers, and was unable to monitor the accuracy of his calculations.

Mitch received 108 hours of On Cloud Nine® math instruction.   He learned basic addition and subtraction facts and was able to apply a variety of strategies to solving word problems and more complex math functions.